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We prioritize software engineering excellence to empower start-ups with robust, scalable, and innovative products. Our meticulous approach to roadmap planning and iterative development allows us to transform your vision into a powerful MVP and beyond, setting the stage for sustained growth and success.


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Algo Trading SaaS Platform

Aramche offers a seamless experience for users to subscribe to advanced algorithmic trading bots. Through OAuth integration, it enables secure and effortless copy trading directly to users' trading accounts. This platform provides an innovative way to leverage automated trading strategies with ease and reliability. Aramche's intuitive interface and sophisticated analytics tools empower users to make informed trading decisions in real-time.


Algorithmic Trading

Compliance SaaS Platform

We're leading frontend development for an ambitious B2B multi-tenant SaaS platform, using TypeScript and React. Our team creates customized UI controls to simplify compliance navigation, focusing on scalability and maintainability. As we closely collaborate with the client, we ensure that the platform caters to their specific needs. This partnership aims to deliver a seamless, user-friendly experience for effective compliance management.


Global Trades

Web3 Trading Platform

The Web3 Trading Platform project involved developing a cutting-edge options trading platform utilizing a proprietary protocol on blockchain. Our team developed a web app that displayed real-time market maker quotes and facilitated user-driven options trades. Additionally, we integrated the platform with popular crypto wallet browser extensions and connected to the Ethereum mempool for streamlined transaction management.

Grey Swan Finance

Web3 Fintech

Quick E-Commerce System

This project involved creating a comprehensive full-stack platform for a 10-minute grocery delivery service. The development process encompassed designing a user-friendly mobile shopping app, a delivery dispatch admin console, and integrating essential PIM and WMS systems. This accelerated development ensured a seamless experience for customers and streamlined operations for the business.



Risk Management Admin Dashboard

This was a robust web application tailored for trading organizations to monitor and manage risks at various levels. This user-friendly admin console allowed setting customizable risk measures for individual traders, teams, and the entire firm in real-time. By utilizing the console, organizations effectively mitigated financial losses and optimized performance, while seamlessly integrating with existing trading systems.

Spire Trading


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